Quality Assurance Services

Smooth functioning and swift transitions reflect efficiency of a software. To ensure seamless performance and quality, testing in imperative. Enhance user experience and throughput by exploiting our prolific manual as well as automated QA and testing services.

Automated Testing

Automation testing tools have emerged as a boon when there are myriad of redundant and repetitive test cases. It reduces manual efforts and time exponentially thus, augmenting the software development life cycle (SDLC) process.

Selenium Automation Testing

We aim to provide adequate automation testing using selenium tool to our clients that not only prove to be beneficial for their business, but also help them to establish themselves in the market.

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SAHI Automation Testing

With the growing popularity of test automation services, new frameworks and commercial tools are carving out a space for themselves in the market. Similarly, the popularity of SAHI testing is reaching the heights since it is an open source tool that also permits recording and replaying across various browsers.

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Appium Automation Testing

Using Appium, we provide testing services for mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Appium is an open source tool for automating native, hybrid and mobile web apps on iOS and android platforms.

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SikuliX Automation Testing

Skilled engineers use SikuliX to automate anything you see on the screen of your desktop. SikuliX is compatible with a wide range of desktop operating systems to ensure the automation of any setup you may have.

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Performance Testing

We provide our clients with extensive performance testing options with which you can test your software under several scenarios and loads, giving insights about your software’s weaknesses.

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Crowdsourced Testing

We provide comprehensive crowd testing solutions for our clients, which gives them the ability to test their software on hundreds of devices simultaneously, helping iron out bugs and ensure their software releases in the best possible state.

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