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Custom IT services designed to drive the print media and publication industry forward.

The print media and publication industry is as widespread, competitive and fragmented as ever. As with most industries, print media and publication is also going through changes and is adapting to the current technological environment. Evolve Blue can enable your print media project to attain its full potential with our wide range of development services. Migration to digital channels and the rise of mobile delivery channels has made it essential for the print media and publication to either make a transition to or to integrate digital media delivery.



Online Advertising Market

Advertising revenues for media companies have also fallen dramatically. Classic print advertising can not be easily translated into digital publishing, as new competitors fill the online space. The biggest threat comes from platforms like google and facebook, which dominate the online advertising market. This development shows that traditional display advertising of publisher websites has no chance against social media and search engine advertising.

Printing Industry Digital Disruption

Printing industry needs to acknowledge the fact that digital disruption is around the corner and we need to address these challenges. While printing businesses are busy in selling and buying their stuff, there’s lot more we need to look at, talk about and find solutions to. Most of the challenges that printing industry is facing with digital world can be solved with research and technology, but there’s a huge gap between practicing business and technology in print industry.

Wide Adoption of Technologies

A lot of new emerging technologies has inspired to shape up our current print and media industry. Printing with database management, 3d printing, intelligent labels, flexographic printing offer market and demand for new services. With right technologies, mass adoption and mass production of these services are possible benefitting businesses in creating their own niche.

Cloud Printing & Security

In traditional printing scenarios, user may accidentally print too many copies of the same documents, causing waste of money. With cloud printing technology, organizations can look at ways to improve efficiency. While cloud printing services use secure HTTPS web connections so they are totally secure while exchanging.

Evolve Blue Deliver Solutions

Evolve Blue has extensive expertise in developing technology solutions for Print and Publication media. Our analysts can develop solutions to enhance current Print Media with technology and also craft solutions that are robust and future-proof that too in a cost-effective manner.

At Evolve Blue we have the expertise to render software services at any stage of development, starting from analyzing your needs and the current market to design, development, and deployment. Our development process will ensure your application is scalable, fast and bug-free.

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams

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