Expertly crafted it solutions that bring technological supremacy to the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry has registered positive growth year over year for the past few years. The estimated revenue over the next few years is expected to cross $2.1 trillion. Along with this growth has come along new ways to deliver this content to a target audience that only continues to grow. Traditional entertainment platforms such as televisions were noninteractive and made it difficult to gauge user interest. With the advent of social media and easily available internet, entertainment is now more accessible than ever before. Evolve Blue can harness this accessibility to enrich your business while ensuring overall customer engagement and a greater market share.



Content Monetization

Entertainment companies need to be farsighted in their approach to both deliver and monetize content. An ideal tech solution can turn that one or two time buyer into a constant subscriber, therefore ensuring a constant revenue stream.

Data Security

In this day and age, it is essential to not only secure your content but also your user’s data. All this must be done without compromising performance. Evolve Blue, with its vast expertise developing solutions for the Entertainment industry, can deliver a product which is fast, secure and scalable.

Customer Retention

Earlier, it was rather difficult to gauge customer engagement and the exact figures of customer retention. With modern tech solutions for the Entertainment Industry, it is now easier to check customer trends and quickly adapt to them with scalable applications.

Cloud Printing & Security

In traditional printing scenarios, user may accidentally print too many copies of the same documents, causing waste of money. With cloud printing technology, organizations can look at ways to improve efficiency. While cloud printing services use secure HTTPS web connections so they are totally secure while exchanging.

Evolve Blue Deliver Solutions

Evolve Blue has been at the forefront of technology development for the entertainment industry for over a decade. Our analysts work in sync with our design team and developers to craft applications that are scalable, beautiful and fast.

Our expertise allows us to develop solutions for any stage of the project’s lifecycle and also allows us to retain a seamless look and feel for the product even over multiple platforms. Evolve Blue can utilize data collected to enhance your project’s reachability and retain more customers. Our expertise enables us to develop completely secure applications which will ensure the integrity of your content as well as your client’s personal information. You can also use this data to generate insights into what customers may require in the future and scale accordingly.

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools and hybrid teams

  • Workflow Management Solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Custom Application Development and Maintenance

  • Full-Cycle CRM Solutions
  • Porting of Legacy Applications
  • Web Applications and Portals

  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Enhancement of Existing Technology


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