Complete IT solution focused on providing fans and sports people with the ultimate experience.

Advances in technology allows information to be shared instantly as it’s happening. Now, fans can watch, record, replay on the device of their choosing, from any location. News updates can be quickly sent to smartphones in just seconds. Many news channels now have phone apps that can send quick notifications to smartphones the moment the news occurs.



Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence are changing the sports world these days. Most sports generate large amounts of data therefore, advanced data extraction and machine learning techniques are having a major impact on sports data analytics. Technical Pro teams and stakeholders are increasingly hiring machine learning experts to help optimize not only marketing, ticket sales, and fan engagement but also draft selection, player evaluation, and game-day decision making.

Virtual & Mixed Reality

The sports and entertainment industry are now controlling the power of VR by creating events that merging viewers in their experience. Virtual reality company, NextVR, has teamed with NBA Digital to produce and broadcast live NBA games in VR using their technology.

Digital and Social Media

Using technology into the world of sports over the last decade improvising fan involvement and excitement of the game. With social media, fans can involve with their favorite teams like never before. Social media has enhanced athletes and their public profiles and allowed for public discussions on preferred training methods.

Online Engagement & Ticket Sales

Sports organizations now have IOS & Android apps as part of their marketing mix. But for the most part, apps can do more to give fans what they want. While apps can be a big revenue-generating platform where fans can buy tickets, connect via social media communities, ask questions, and receive customer service, many sports organizations aren’t taking full advantage of this opportunity just yet.

Evolve Blue Deliver Solutions

Evolve Blue help sports organization to leverage digitally & enhance the real-time sports experience and identify audience demographics and ticketing preferences. Evolve Blue has experts who can collaborates with stadiums, sports teams, TV channels, and streaming services to engage spectators and sports amateurs watching broadcasts at home. We also help brands monetize digital content, distribute merchandise, and connect sports fans around the globe.

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools and hybrid teams

  • Drive Growth
  • Handle High Traffic
  • Captivate Users

  • Analyzing Real-time and Historical Data
  • Wearable technology
  • Smart ticketing & Biometrics

  • Cloud-Based Data Storage
  • Resource Addition
  • Fitness IOT Apps
  • AR, VR, 360 View & Streaming


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