Enabling the education industry to reach new highs with innovative IT services.

Evolve Blue can harness its vast experience in the education industry to provide education solutions tailor-made for your requirements which will serve to enhance performance and customer satisfaction technology has had a significant impact on the education industry and not only in the business sense. Learning is now more evolved and accessible than ever. From simple steps like having recordings of all classes to interactive learning, there is no limit to how one can approach education in this era. This also translates into cost savings for the educators while increasing student engagement rates.



Technology For Education

Under utilized resources, poor collaboration and coordination between institutes, students and parents, not enough focus on r&d, inefficient administrative tasks. With Evolve Blue as your technology partner, such issues can be quickly remedied and your focus can be on the quality of content, rather than technical hurdles.

Cost Reduction

Modern media delivery techniques such as audio, video etc. Can be harnessed to get lessons across to students of any group at any time. These measures also lead to large cost reductions which can be leveraged to reach a bigger audience.

Eco Friendly Education

It is more important now than ever to teach students to be more conscientious and respectful of the environment as climate change is real. One of the ways this can be done is by eliminating unnecessary paper usage. By using emails and cloud-based apps such as google drive to circulate classroom materials, schools may not only save money but also the environment.

Data-Powered Personalized Education

Data collected on students may help teachers develop a more tailored approach to instructing and developing a student. There are various tests and assessment programs online that can help teachers determine the strengths and weaknesses of students and help them decide what method of learning the students are likely to respond to better.

Evolve Blue Deliver Solutions

Evolve blue is a leading company in software development for the education industry. Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the sector and can leverage their experience to create solutions that meet and exceed every requirement and are ready to deliver new content.

Evolve blue has developed learning tools for educational institutes as well corporate clients looking to gain a competitive advantage for their employees. With the ever-expanding reach of mobile phones and general internet connectivity, it is now easier than ever to create an application that will reach millions in a short time frame.

Evolve blue has expertise which allows us to create applications which are scalable and robust. Our experience allows us to contribute at any stage of the project’s life cycle. Our focus on data security and integrity is especially pertinent when it comes to dealing with the identifying information of minors.

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools and hybrid teams

  • Remote Learning Websites
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Web Portals and Applications
  • Mobile Learning Applications

  • Payroll Software
  • Data Digitization and Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Web Portals and Applications

  • Administrative Software
  • Student Financial Management
  • Cloud Applications


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