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Evolve Blue can assist fintech organizations in finding innovative and robust solutions for projects and allows them to completely revamp and transform existing operations and infrastructure to constantly keep ahead of market trends. The banking and finance service industry was nearly 10% of the global gdp as of 2013. This growth has only risen over the past 5 years. While banking itself has seen the highest growth in north america and europe, fintech has seen huge growth all over the world, especially in south east asia. The widespread rise of connectivity options has only enhanced the prospects of the fintech industry and widened its audience. Evolve Blue is the perfect partner to step forward with into new fintech possibilities.



Extremely Fast Mobility

The fintech industry has developed a reputation for being both lucrative and volatile. Requirements are constantly changing, which in turn poses a problem for businesses. However, the fast-moving nature of fintech can not only be alleviated by making scalable and future-proof software solutions, it can be harnessed to quickly drive innovation.

Ironclad Regulations

Unlike traditional banking, the fintech industry doesn’t fall under the purview of any specific governing body. Therefore it can be quite a task identifying and complying with the right regulations for your project. However, with the right IT solution, these regulations can be verified thoroughly and new ones anticipated and planned for well in advance.

Innovative Customer Experiences

The fintech industry has many differentiating factors from traditional banking, one of them being in the way you can interact with your customers. With fintech IT solutions, you can personalize and reach a far greater target audience than with traditional banking. It is far easier to pass on the benefits of fintech onto the customer and therefore provides better, more effective customer service as well.

Effective Financial Data Management

It is quite popular in fintech IT solutions to give a concise visual representation of data, making it easier for most customers to get the information they require without jumping through multiple hoops. Data stored can be used to provide real-time insights.

Evolve Blue Deliver Solutions

Evolve blue aims to deliver business solutions that generate the results you need to take your project to the next level. Our previous fintech solutions demonstrate our ability to make robust, scalable and beautiful applications. We develop solutions for projects at any stage in their life cycle and transform them to meet current and future demands.

At Evolve Blue we have the expertise to render software services at any stage of development, starting from analyzing your needs and the current market to design, development, and deployment. Our agile development will ensure your application is robust and bug-free.

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools and hybrid teams

  • Project Implementation
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Application Maintenance

  • Porting an Existing Product
  • Mobile Fintech Applications
  • Web Portals

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Project Life-Cycle Extension
  • Localization of Existing Product


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