Intelligent IT solutions that enable the aviation industry in scaling new heights.

The Aviation Industry has formed the backbone for International travel and transportation for quite a while now with its overall usage only expected to rise for the foreseeable future. Both manufacturers and commuters depend greatly on the Aviation Industry which has led to a multitude of Airlines and Transporters plying their trade. Evolve Blue with its vast experience in software development can help you create solutions for enhancing your customer experience as well as business growth. Our team of expert analysts will inspect your requirements and craft a project that will surely meet and exceed your needs.



Not Many Differentiators Between Airlines

In this day and age, other than the aspect of pricing, there aren’t many differences between the services provided by most airlines. This is especially true of economy flights where it's simply not viable to offer more services in flight. However, this does not discount the possibility of enhancing customer services before and after flights. With the help of IT in aviation, one can vastly improve the quality of services offered to the customer. Delivering personalized experiences to customers can help with customer engagement and retention.

Logistics Are Still An Issue

Although getting ones luggage processed is simpler than it used to be, the entire process is extremely inefficient and there are still too many cases of misplaced or mishandled goods. With customized IT solutions for aviation, this age-old problem can be negated to a great extent. Queues can be greatly cut down if flyers received real-time updates regarding their luggage.

Data Security

In an era where new data leaks make the news every so often, it is essential for the aviation Industry to safeguard their client's data. It’s always a good idea to deploy IT solutions that are secure, scalable and reliable, be it for their clients or for their backend.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IOT is looking like a game changer for virtually every field and it seems the aviation industry will be no different. It development can be used to create unique and personalized solutions for clients that streamline the entire flying process. Keeping tabs on luggage and equipment is far more reliable and accurate by leveraging it solutions with a focus on IOT development.

Evolve Blue Deliver Solutions

Evolve Blue has over a decade of experience crafting personalized IT solutions for the Aviation Industry and various others as well. Our expert developers can craft the tools you need to soar higher and farther in the aviation sector and manage your business in the most efficient manner possible.

Our solutions can assist you in capturing a larger market and assess their usage to better optimize for the future. We can harness our experience to craft solutions that are robust, scalable and error free. Our services can allow you to manage your fleet and customer base more effectively with an eye towards growth and stability.

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools and hybrid teams

  • Client Loyalty Rewards Management
  • Web Portal And Applications
  • Personalized E-Commerce

  • Logistics Management Systems
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Maintenance And Engineering Management

  • Legacy Porting And Migration
  • Crew Operation Management
  • Freight Tracking And Management


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