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We ace in providing other various major & niche IT services too. major & niche services. All business need cloud hosting, dev ops, maintenance, implement new features, or update legacy code with modern technologies, we are ready to help. Our IT services have been created to improve and extend the lifetime of your solution.

DevOps Development

Accelerate the production of your firm with our proficiency on DevOps. We develop & deliver the process that focuses on communication and alliance between software development, product management, operations professionals with business objectives.


An open source continuous integration server, Jenkins automates the complete build cycle of a software project. Developers automatically commit code into the repository, run test cases, as well as fetch reports obtained after testing.

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Docker is a tool which is at the center of containerization, a trend which is quickly gaining momentum in the IT world. Docker allows secure packaging, deploying and running of applications irrespective of the running environment.

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By using this tool, developers can make rapid iterations to the code, the notification of which is sent instantaneously to other team members. In case of any error or fallout, immediate rollbacks can be done to the previous version within seconds.

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