Develop compelling cross-platform native mobile apps using Xamarin. Boost operational efficiency, efficiently utilize assets, and develop cross-platform native mobile apps using Xamarin to create efficient business models. Native mobile application's developed with Xamarin are available for Windows, iOS, Android, and many other platforms.


Through potent C# language and shared coding, Xamarin facilitates the development of cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Additionally, it gives clients the flexibility to connect with their employees, esteemed clients, and physical assets at any time and from anywhere through a hybrid mobile app. We can deliver exceptional cross-platform mobile solutions utilizing our highly skilled Xamarin developers. You can get the high-quality Xamarin app developed by Evolve Blue, the best Xamarin App development company in the USA.


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Xamarin involve cross-platform mobile app development framework that create native mobile apps for iOS, Android, & Windows platforms using a single codebase. The framework provides access to native APIs and features, allowing developers to create apps with a native look and feel and high performance.

  • Seamless Integration : Cloud, IoT, and analytical solutions can be seamlessly integrated with Xamarin apps to enable businesses to operate in real-time for their customers and employees.
  • Cross-Platform Gaming : Through Visual Studio for Mac and Unite, Xamarin app developers can build cross-platform games. On all platforms, our developers create custom games with rich graphics and user-friendly features.
  • Mobile App Features : Debugging, unit testing, profiling, and UI test generation offered by Xamarin lead to the highest quality mobile apps. Apps for Android, iOS and Mac are built, connected, and tailored quickly by our developers.
  • Secure & Scalable : 80% of the internet users use mobile application's to access everything quickly. Your mobile application needs to be highly secure. With Xamarin, it is possible to keep your app highly safe and scalable at the same time.


A leading Xamarin app development company, Evolve Blue develops robust mobile strategies for incorporating apps into a new or existing business environment. To help businesses integrate and deploy cross-platform mobile apps, we offer Xamarin App development services that include. By combining the best Xamarin components with robust back-ends from scratch, we build highly secure and reliable iOS & Android mobile application's using dexterous methodologies. We provide the best Xamarin App development services in the USA.

  • Quality Analysis and Testing: Using our mobile and product testing provision, we ensure that we double-check every step of testing cross-platform Xamarin apps.
  • Migration and Up-gradation: If you need to upgrade your existing Xamarin cross-platform app to the latest version, we can help with process-oriented upgrades.
  • Support and Maintenance: We can provide you round-the-clock support to ensure smooth implementation and maintenance by our highly qualified Xamarin team.
  • Solutions Centered On Business: Our team develops Xamarin cross-platform mobile application's that are business-specific and highly scalable.


Xamarin is a framework for developing native-like apps. In contrast, the same code base can be shared across multiple platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows. Apps have a native look and feel since the code compiles natively. Reusing and sharing code lowers costs and reduces the time it takes to develop a product without compromising quality. Maintainability and future updates are also made easier with a single source of code.

It is impossible to calculate the price of Xamarin app development off the top of your head. This involves understanding the scope of the app, its features, security requirements, and scalability expectations. Xamarin can cost a few thousand dollars; however, enterprise-wide apps may cost millions.

If you want a wide range of audiences for your product, then a cross-platform app development will be the best option for you. Through Xamarin mobile development, we ensure maximum flexibility and scalability of the application without affecting its security and performance.


Customer satisfaction is deeply rooted in the foundation of Evolve Blue. We serve our customers with the best possible solution to meet their desired need. We have plenty of flexible business engagement models available to achieve their business goals.



We offer Time & Material Model (T&M) to the customers where the projects are subject to specification and design changes midstream. It gives greater flexibility in terms of developing and modifying the project specifications on an ongoing basis based on the changing market needs. It is an effort based pricing model and project cost depends on the project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed.



Under this Software Development Engagement Model, the client has fixed and well-structured project requirements and deliverables. In this model, we consider project specifications and offer a fixed quote and time to perform the project. This model is recommended for mid-size to large Enterprises looking to offshore projects.



It is a flexible contemporary model with a phased approach that involves uninterrupted client involvement at every stage of the project. Under this, the project is divided into a series of distinctive tasks and Sprints and after completing each segment a review is conducted to decide the next phase. Agile Contracting is suitable for both short-term and long-term projects, where the customer is following agile development practices.



This model allows our clients to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. It provides control & flexibility with lower risk to the clients in a cost-effective manner. This is a suitable model for those organizations looking to augment their workforce with skilled and trained talent.



We recommended Co-development model to those clients who are looking to extend their in-house development resources for a particular project. In this model, the development cost can be paid in both Cost and Equity. Our Professional Co-developers maintain a cooperative and friendly environment so that we can fit into your work culture easily to deliver fast outputs.



Under the BOT model, We provide the option for clients to have their own dedicated development team working within our premises, with the option of them becoming your Full-time employees if and when required. This engagement model is highly suitable for distant Organizations looking to test the success of having an offshore development team without any of the unnecessary expense that would be required for setting up one’s own infrastructure. Ideally suited for customers to set up teams of sizes of 20+ developers with a long-term vision.



With our Hybrid Engagement model, we can provide a customized solution to our clients, allowing them the flexibility of the Time & Material based model as well as setting certain limits akin to the Fixed price model. This engagement model is suitable for projects whose requirements are expected to shift during the course of development.

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