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Today’s digital age has propelled the advertising industry, increasing brand awareness and customer reach, increasing the number of internet users globally (from 413 million in 2000 to more than 3.4 billion in 2016). Audiences are now looking more at the personalization of advertisements, and companies are bound to look at technology to leverage it in applying context to their campaigns. In the last decade, there has been a surge of focus on consumers’ behaviors, likes, and lifestyles which have ruled the advertising world. With proper use of various technological means like social media integration, blogs, and mobile application's, businesses are trying to maximize their ROI and connect with their customers personally.

Our Advertisement Software Solutions

In The Advertising Industry

Marketing Analytics Software

We give you digestible data so that you can monitor trends and track performances better for an enhanced campaigning endeavor. With our solution, you will have all your marketing data in one place to keep a tab on your email campaigns, social ads, automation, and more. With our revenue, growth, and engagement reports, you will have a better insight into your customers’ behavior and develop an understanding of what clicks with your target audience. Our detailed revenue reports will enable you to better monitor your ROIs.

Mobile Marketing Software

We are at the forefront of mobile development. We use the latest and greatest technologies to create perfectly cross-platform apps that work fine on iOS and Android devices. Our technology stack includes React Native, Flutter app, Xamarin app, Ionic app, Phonegap app, and Sencha app. Our mobile solutions will give you real-time campaign data at your fingertips by surfacing all your critical metrics in a single view.

Email Marketing Solutions

With smart segmentation of your audience, we send relevant emails to different categories of consumers. The beautiful templates are designed to compel users to open emails. We help you improve your conversions by targeting only a subset of your contacts so that content is aligned with exactly what they need.

Web Portals and Applications

Our intuitive frontend developers with expertise in many technologies like AngularJS, React JS, Vue.JS, Sencha JS, and Ember JS can create spectacular web portals to lure your customers into exploring your products and services. The portals are highly scalable and flexible to allow easy plug-ins for expanding their functionality.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We build CRM solutions that scale as your business grows. Whether you are a big business or a startup, CRM is a valuable component of marketing for all kinds of businesses. Our marketing CRM tools utilize a plethora of high-end technologies like Salesforce CRM, SugarCRM, and Dynamics 365 Series to enable you to connect with your audience from day 1. The tool will let you find all that you need to start a meaningful conversation with your customer base. It works fine with your existing audience as well as in building a brand-new audience base.

Evolve Blue Deliver Solutions

The tools and technology used by our company will give you everything you need to analyze your performance, improve your marketing techniques, and learn more about your audience.

Benefits of Advertisement Software Development Services

We bring technology excellence to advertising by enabling our clients to reach new heights and open new avenues for their product distribution.

Perform Better Market Research

For developing ads, modern technology helps immensely empower the advertiser to perform market research. By collecting extensive data about the users online, feedback and opinions can be analyzed instantly on computers.

Create More Effective Ads

By taking the help of our cutting-edge apps, advertisers can create more impressive ads for all types of media like TV, radio, web, etc. You can create videos with the “wow factor” by using the video editing features of our apps.

Integrate with social networks

Social networks have shown unprecedented usefulness for small businesses. They allow consumers to engage in testing and research of products and offer a free and powerful distribution system.


Customer satisfaction is deeply rooted in the foundation of Evolve Blue. We serve our customers with the best possible solution to meet their desired need. We have plenty of flexible business engagement models available to achieve their business goals.



We offer Time & Material Model (T&M) to the customers where the projects are subject to specification and design changes midstream. It gives greater flexibility in terms of developing and modifying the project specifications on an ongoing basis based on the changing market needs. It is an effort based pricing model and project cost depends on the project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed.



Under this Software Development Engagement Model, the client has fixed and well-structured project requirements and deliverables. In this model, we consider project specifications and offer a fixed quote and time to perform the project. This model is recommended for mid-size to large Enterprises looking to offshore projects.



It is a flexible contemporary model with a phased approach that involves uninterrupted client involvement at every stage of the project. Under this, the project is divided into a series of distinctive tasks and Sprints and after completing each segment a review is conducted to decide the next phase. Agile Contracting is suitable for both short-term and long-term projects, where the customer is following agile development practices.



This model allows our clients to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. It provides control & flexibility with lower risk to the clients in a cost-effective manner. This is a suitable model for those organizations looking to augment their workforce with skilled and trained talent.



We recommended Co-development model to those clients who are looking to extend their in-house development resources for a particular project. In this model, the development cost can be paid in both Cost and Equity. Our Professional Co-developers maintain a cooperative and friendly environment so that we can fit into your work culture easily to deliver fast outputs.



Under the BOT model, We provide the option for clients to have their own dedicated development team working within our premises, with the option of them becoming your Full-time employees if and when required. This engagement model is highly suitable for distant Organizations looking to test the success of having an offshore development team without any of the unnecessary expense that would be required for setting up one’s own infrastructure. Ideally suited for customers to set up teams of sizes of 20+ developers with a long-term vision.



With our Hybrid Engagement model, we can provide a customized solution to our clients, allowing them the flexibility of the Time & Material based model as well as setting certain limits akin to the Fixed price model. This engagement model is suitable for projects whose requirements are expected to shift during the course of development.


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